zuidlaardermeer vanuit uitkijkpunt

Water sport

Groningen is a busy water sports province in the Netherlands. It is a province with many possibilities for water sports enthusiasts. umerous lakes such as the Schildmeer, Zuidlaardermeer, Lauwersmeer and Oldamtmeer, known as the Blauwe Stad Meer, offer water sport possibilities. But the province of Groningen also has numerous waterways that connect with the main inland waterway.

voetjes over boord

Water lovers

For real water lovers on the Zuidlaardermeer there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, sailing and windsurfing. Recently there has been a lot invested in dredging and repairing and making navigable canals, bridges and locks. With a depth of 1.50m and over 2m in the fairway, it is one of the best navigable lakes in northern Netherlands. 

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Rent a boat

If you do not have your own boat and would like to venture out onto the water, there are several places that offer rowing, sailing or boat rental. Also motorboat excursions can be made and show you the most beautiful spots of the lake. The lake is a good base for a water sports holiday on the Groningen channels, or for a day shopping with your boat in the heart of Groningen.

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Turfvaart (peat route) - connection Veendam
On 8 May 2009 was opened.  Water sports enthusiasts can now go in the direction Stadskanaal and also Veendam.  The route is varied and gives a good idea of the pastures.  Day trips from the Zuidlaardermeer direction Veendam and then via Winschoterdiep are now possible.

East Groningen Route
The ‘East’ route is a trip with lots of variety, quiet areas but especially with unprecedented beauty.  A great opportunity to take in the nature and vast landscapes.

Three Province Route
The Drie-Provinciënroute (three provinces) offers peace and beauty from the busy middle and west of our country.