Cycling and walking around Meerwijck

Camping Meerwijck is located between the beautiful natural landscapes of Groningen and Drenthe. From the campsite you will discover this beautiful nature by bike and on foot. The nature of Groningen and Drenthe is very varied. One moment you are cycling through the vast polders and the city of Groningen and the next moment through the shady forests and small tourist green villages. This versatility makes the area so much fun to discover.

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Cycle routes

Camping Meerwijck has a nice collaboration with This is a website where you can find more than 100,000 cycling and walking routes. Together with we have set out 4 nice cycling routes that you can start from the campsite. All routes run through the cycling junctions of the netherlands and are therefore very easy to follow.

Cycle route 1 Cycle route 2 Cycle route 3 Cycle route 4

Do you want to map out your own route? No problem, there is a cycle junction network in Groningen and Drenthe. All route networks from each province are connected and laid out in such a way that you can cycle along the most beautiful roads in the area. With these nodes you can easily map out the most beautiful routes.

Tip! The cycling and walking weeks at Camping Meerwijck

This year our cycling and walking weeks are from 29 August to 3 October 2021. Highly recommended for cycling and walking enthusiasts. When booking in these weeks you get free cycling and walking routes through the Groningen polders, the Drenthe forests and the city of Groningen. All routes have been mapped out by ourselves and all start from the campsite. The routes take you to the best places in Groningen and Drenthe, so that you can discover the far north of the Netherlands in an active way.

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Hiking trails

In addition to the cycling routes, on you can also find beautiful walking routes that start from the campsite. The routes allow you to discover the versatile environment of Meerwijck. You walk along the water, through the polder, and the beautiful forests.

Hiking trail 1 Hiking trail 2

In addition, it is also very nice to walk the 'knapzakroutes' of Drenthe. These routes let you walk along your most beautiful paths in Drenthe. Along the way you will get to know the story of the Drenthe landscape and you will come across the smallest villages in Drenthe.

Long walking routes

Do you want to walk a long distance route? The 'Pieterpad' runs past our campsite. The 'Pieterpad' is the most famous long-distance walking route in the Netherlands. The route takes you from Pieterburen that is located in the Groningen Wadden coast to the Sint-Pietersberg near Maastricht and has a length of approximately 492 kilometers. The Hondsrug is located along this route, approximately halfway between Groningen and Rolde. This part of the route is often walked from Meerwijck.

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More about the area

Would you like to read more about the surroundings of Meerwijck? Read here about the beach, Zuidlaardermeer and fun day-trips around Camping Meerwijck.

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