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Hiking and biking

The area around Camping Meerwijck is beautiful for hiking and biking. One moment you ride with the bike through the vast meadows and polder and the “big” city of Groningen, the other, by the shade forests and small tourist villages. The nature of Groningen and Drenthe is so varied that by foot and cycling is the perfect way to enjoy it.

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Bike rental

This should be reason enough to bring your bike… but no bike, no problem: it is possible to rent a bike from Camping Meerwijck.

Bike rental: 
€ 8,00 per day
€ 40,00 per week

At the reception there are several routes available!

Cycle route1
Cycle route2

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Various walking and cycling routes are available from the front desk.

At the marina port there is a bicycle ferry, cross the Drentse Diep, it is a very nice starting point for your trip. 

Cycle route
Groningen also has a cycling network.  All route networks from every province are connected and so arranged as to take you through the most beautiful routes by bike. 

Zuidlaardermeer route
A varied bicycle route through a beautiful nature area with Scottish heathers, polders, along the lake side, small-scale landscape with wooded banks, passing farmhouses and forests.  On the way you will pass the Mill Museum, a lookout tower and bird hut.  You will pass through the following villages: Noordlaren, Zuidlaren and Midlaren. 

Groningen route
Via a number of sites where you can walk.  Take time to stop and take in the many interesting sights along the route.  A day’s cycling around Groningen is a great way to see the city.

High land – powerful and beautiful route
a varied route in Norther Groningen going through the polder landscape and by small villages.  The route goes through the vast polder with its beautiful farms and small villages in North of Groningen.  Special things you come across along the way: churches, windmills, Hammond Museum, Berlage House, Helwerd.

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