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There are many fun activities for all ages. A comprehensive activities programme is put together by our leisure team, trained by WAU and this is all FREE of charge. Included in this programme, 6 days a week during the school holidays are sports, games and also theatre. Each week we have a different theme: Knights Week, Hippie Week, Jungle Week, Horror Week. The activities are planned and co-ordinated with children’s likes and interests in mind. Keep a close eye on this site so you can see what is scheduled for the school holidays.All guests, annual and seasonal, receive a copy of the current activity programme on arrival at Meerwijck. The activities change weekly.

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Campingbuddy Aartje

Camping Meerwijck is one of the only campsites in Holland with an exclusive club for kids.

The kids club team leader Aartje Twinkel, is a very happy guy.  With lots or great activities planned, Aartje will make sure your vacation is one long adventure.

Do you know Aartje Twinkel yet? No? Well, that may change very soon when you choose Camping Meerwijck on the Zuidlaardermeer.

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Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole

They are friends of Camping Meerwijck. In the May Holidays, Ascension, Whitsun and the Summer Holidays, they will be at the campsite. They organise activities and days full of fun and adventure. Bink is the beachcomber of Zuidlaardermeer, he tells great stories of exciting trips and ‘tall’ tales, he’s getting a reputation for being a BLABBERMOUTH. His girlfriend is Bloem, she lives in the forest and loves nature. She is a sweet, mischievous and cheerful girl.  Together they have a small furry friend called Mr Mole. Mr Mole has lived in a molehill all his life at the campsite, and can’t wait for Bink and Bloem to arrive to have a great time!

Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole

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Mr. Mole

The ‘Twinkel’ Activity Team try to think of everything:

  • Theatre with Aartje Twinkel, Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole
  • Theme days with Aartje Twinkel
  • Fishing (competition)
  • Tennis/football/volleyball competitions
  • Musicals
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cook cafè ‘Mish-mash’
  • Investigation and ghost tours
  • Family games, ‘klaverjassen’and bingo
  • Film and Wii evening
  • Workshops for adults and children
  • Dance evening and disco swimming in the swimming pool
  • Twinkel story-time adventure for our younger guests

"Always a party"